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Welcome to the heart of culinary camaraderie in Southwest Ohio! At Doubleday's, we're not just about serving great food; we're about creating experiences that bring people closer. Whether you're enjoying the lively atmosphere in our sports bar-style restaurants in Centerville and Springboro, grabbing a quick yet delectable bite at Doubleday's Home Plate, or indulging in unique, heartfelt recipes at The Famous Restaurant, you're in for a treat. Each venue is a special chapter in our family's story of uniting friends and loved ones through the timeless language of food. Join us at Doubleday's, and make yourself at home!


The Restaurant Roster

Step up to the plate and join us in celebrating a local tradition of flavor, fellowship, and family! 'Doubleday's Centerville' and 'Doubleday's Springboro' knock it out of the park with a winning combination of a spirited sports bar atmosphere and a menu that hits all the bases. Looking for the same great taste but on a faster pitch? 'Doubleday's Home Plate' serves up your favorites with the speed of a fastball. Meanwhile, 'The Famous' plays in a league of its own, offering classic family recipes with a fresh, modern twist. Each establishment in our lineup is a unique player in the game of culinary delight, contributing to a diverse dining experience steeped in community spirit. Explore our menus and find out why we're a cherished staple in the hearts of our local fans!


Centerville & Springboro

Dive into Doubleday's favorites! Our menu, a blend of tradition and taste, offers beloved classics and exciting specials that cater to every craving. Click to uncover the dishes that have our guests coming back for more!



Quick bites, endless delight! Explore Doubleday's Home Plate menu, where speed meets flavor. Discover the go-to dishes that keep life tasty on the fast track. Click and satisfy those cravings!



Embark on a culinary journey with The Famous! Our menu is a treasure trove of unique finds and beloved classics, each with a special twist. Click to discover the exceptional dishes that make us 'The Famous.

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Step up to the plate and join

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Contact Info


101 E. Alex Bell Road, Suite 120
Centerville, OH 45459
(937) 436-4666


776 N. Main St.
Springboro, OH 45066
(937) 514-7755

Open Everyday

Mon - Sat

11AM - 10PM


11AM - 9PM

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